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Meko Lilly is walking with Bambino in a forest near her house. After walking for a while, Meko started to get hot and she poured water all over her body. Bambino knew full well what his friend's bear wanted. Next, Bambino led Meko to the most deserted place and they both had extremely happy moments here. Bambino was first surprised, then extremely excited when Meko made love so professionally. The boy wished the girl was his bear instead of his best friend's bear, but that doesn't make any sense when he doesn't. Even if you have to be around like Bambino, you can still comfortably fuck Meko. After having sex, Meko told Bambino not to let her boyfriend know about this. Of course, the young man was not stupid enough to show off his "trophies" to the father of the girl he had just fucked. chief...

Take your bear into the forest to play and invite him to fuck you
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 Actor: Meko Lilly