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Since the beautiful neighbor Hasumi moved here, there hasn't been a day that he hasn't looked forward to the day he can possess her body. He is an extremely kind guy, always looking for every opportunity to help and make an impression in front of her. But if you gain this, you lose the other. Even though he's really kind, his lustfulness makes up for it. The times he helps his neighbor are also a good opportunity for him to secretly peek at the sensitive parts of her body. But all of that happened just because he loved her so much. He loved her so much that even in his sleep he dreamed of both of them being happy together without a single cloth covering their bodies. In a dream, anything can happen, but will reality happen to what you want?

GVG-790 Fucking the lewd neighbor in the next room
 Movie Code: GVG-790 
 Actor: Kurea Hasumi