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Suzu married a successful man. She lives in a luxury apartment with a maid. But Suzu's husband is always absent from Monday to Thursday. Living alone in a large apartment, even though she has almost everything, Suzu always feels something is missing in her heart. And she remembered her time in school, remembered Yuta, the person she loved before, remembered the happy, innocent times they both had. And then she started having an affair with Yuta, returning to their previous happy times. But now she is no longer Honjo but Takamatsu, continuing like this will get her nowhere. Suzu has a husband, even though he doesn't care much about her, it's just because he's busy with work, he still loves her. Suzu recently started learning how to cook dishes that her husband likes, and she also wants to make a decision about her relationship with Yuta.

STARS-676 Even though she's married, she still wants to fuck her ex
 Movie Code: STARS-676 
 Actor: Suzu Honjo