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I am a newly graduated pedagogy student. This time I will return to my previous high school to practice. In the teacher's room, I encountered a female student being scolded. That student is Minami, it seems this student is quite "mischievous". It seemed like Minami also noticed me, she even deliberately came to talk to me. Minami made an appointment to meet with me to share her worries about family matters. Because it is a teacher's responsibility to care about students, of course I agreed. But the only thing is, Minami wants to talk to me in... the hotel where I'm staying! And then, the forbidden relationship happened. I know this is unforgivable, but I can't resist Minami's charm. A beautiful face like an angel, an innocent smile, and superb sexual skills made it impossible for an inexperienced person like me to escape...

IPX-998 Female students sleep with teachers to be good students
 Movie Code: IPX-998 
 Actor: Minami Aizawa