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Saika and Akagi are dating each other, but because they work in the same department, they are both keeping this relationship a secret. Akagi is a talented, kind person who always cares about Saika. She also imagined the day they would both return home together. Manager Takeda knows everything, he has also been paying attention to Saika for a long time, this business trip is the perfect time for him to capture her. There are many bad rumors about Takeda, so Akagi is very worried about Saika. On the contrary, because he had been Takeda's assistant for a year, Saika had great trust in him. And then that day came. When going out to dinner with her partner, she was constantly forced to drink alcohol, causing her to fall asleep without realizing it. When she woke up, she found that she had been taken to the hotel by Takeda, and he would be sharing a room with her tonight. Her reason told her to resist him, but her body didn't have any strength at all. Takeda's rough strokes brought Saika to orgasm again and again, giving her a feeling of pleasure she had never known before. This feeling gradually invaded her mind, causing her to forget her devoted boyfriend and choose Takeda. After returning, Saika immediately broke up with Akagi and met again in the company, but she only considered her lover with all her heart as a stranger, because now she was devoting both her mind and body to the school room.

SSIS-586 Silently watching his lover go on a business trip with his perverted boss
 Movie Code: SSIS-586 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Saika Kawakita