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My mother-in-law passed away three months ago, and since then my father-in-law has fallen into gambling and alcohol. My husband didn't want him to stay like that so he wanted to take him to Tokyo with us. At that time, I also agreed with him. But when he came up here, his gambling and drinking habits did not stop. My husband was very kind so he couldn't say anything to him. They both closed their eyes to my father-in-law's actions. But one day, I witnessed my father-in-law stealing the family's living expenses. He calmly took the money in front of me to gamble. And he also knows my secret, which is that my husband cannot satisfy me. I had to masturbate all the time and my father-in-law saw it. He took money and raped me, but instead of hating him, I was conquered by the pleasure he brought. From then on, every time my husband went to bed, I went to his room to be his wife, replacing my mother-in-law who had passed away...

IPX-641 DON'T DAD....
 Movie Code: IPX-641 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Karen Kaede