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Anna works for a lingerie company. Because the company was inefficient and had to cut costs, the company director asked Anna to try on the company's new underwear to share her thoughts on the product. She agreed this time, but the director kept moving further and further. He wanted her to become a model, wearing these seductive lingerie for him to take pictures of. Anna did not agree, he promised not to take pictures of her face. Because she also wanted the company to develop more, Anna agreed again. While taking pictures, he continuously touched her sensitive places. When she started to resist and wanted to return, he immediately held her down and had sex with her. At first she didn't want it, but gradually the pleasure he brought was something her husband could never give her. He continuously fucked her and ejaculated all his seed into her. She gradually sank deeper into this matter. She agreed to be his exclusive model, agreeing to stand in front of the screen for his customers to admire her beautiful body wearing seductive lingerie!

ADN-334 Inviting a staff member to wear underwear for an advertising shoot
 Movie Code: ADN-334 
 Actor: Moa Maeda