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My father-in-law  lost his wife 6 months ago and began to drown in alcohol because he was so lonely. The life together between me and my father-in-law started 3 months ago when the husband could not return to live together. However, the amount of sake only increased. My husband is naturally shy so he can't say anything to his father-in-law. My father-in-law saw my daily masturbation  because I had a sexual fetish with my husband. Because my father had not had a wife for a long time, I understood that feeling so I did not stay away from my father and then one day I was swept away. My father's lovemaking skills are too good because his husband is away from home and my father-in-law has excellent lovemaking skills

Dad lost his wife, daughter-in-law compensated Iyo Fujii
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 Actor: Iyo Fujii