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91CMX001 When the peach is ripe, the sister of the dry-blooded sister Fan Keke (Xiangling). Xiangling is a beautiful schoolgirl, she lives with her cousin in the city. His cousin took care of Xiangling very thoughtfully. Sometimes when he came into close contact with Xiangling, he also craved it because Xiangling's body smell was so fragrant and seductive. There were days when he even stole Xiangling's underwear to masturbate. Xiangling is a good student, but her biology score is quite weak. Knowing this, her cousin used his body to help Xiangling better understand her body as well as the full biology subject. this trouble. I really don't know what this guy eats to be so smart.

[China AV] Let me tutor you in biology, Xiangling
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 Actor: Xiangling